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Mission Statement:

The mission of Acton Preschool is to provide a quality Christian foundation as well as prepare them socially and academically for kindergarten. Through playtime, individual, and group activities this ministry extends the opportunity for each child to learn and grow in a nurturing environment.


Requirements for Enrollment:

  • Your child must be three or four years old on or before August 31st of the current school year to enroll in their respective class. Your child must also be completely potty trained (able to communicate the need to go, pull clothes down, wipe #1, and redress themselves). Wearing pull-ups is not allowed (for health and safety reasons, no exceptions will be made to this requirement).

  • Immunizations must be up to date, and a copy of your child’s immunization record will be required to be on file at the school.

  • An enrollment agreement must be signed at the beginning of the school year and kept on file.

Tuition and Registration Fee:

A $100 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration to hold your child’s space in the program. Tuition is due on the first school day of each month, starting in September and ending in May. The monthly tuition is calculated based on an average number of days taking into consideration holidays, teacher workdays, and other cancellations. There will be no deductions or prorated fees. Tuition may change yearly. Please email There is a $20 per month discount for members of Acton United Methodist Church and for any family with more than one child attending Acton Preschool. The $20/month discount applies to the whole family, not per child.  (Acton Preschool is unable to combine the “member discount” and the more than one child discount.)


The three and four-year-old classes are held Monday-Friday 8:00 am-11:30 am. Tuition is based on 5 mornings a week. It will not be reduced regardless of how many days you choose to send your child. We follow the Buncombe County school schedule for most holidays, teacher workdays, and inclement weather days.


Snack time is normally around 10:00 am and lasts approximately 15 minutes. Parents are responsible for sending a small healthy snack (no more than 3 items) and a spill-proof bottle filled with water daily. The water bottle is also used on the playground when needed. Suggested snack items, cheese sticks, yogurt, granola bars, fruit, veggies, ½ a sandwich, pretzels, etc.

Withdrawal of a child requires a 30-day written notice signed by the parents/guardians and a $100 ( one hundred dollar) withdrawal fee. Detailed information is available in our Acton Preschool Handbook. 

At Acton Preschool, each week of learning and play is centered on a different theme. Playing is an important part of learning. We provide the children with sensory experiences, and motor activities, as well as full-body movement, music, and crafts. We strive to make learning fun at Acton!

Thank you for your interest in our preschool program.

Please call us at 828-665-4302 or email with any questions Email is the best way to reach us, especially during the summer months. We look forward to hearing from you!




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